Uniting NGOs worldwide. Strengthening capabilities

GLONGO's Corporate Profile


GLONGO is a vibrant global network of organisations dedicated to human understanding, cooperation, peace and social justice and sustainable development in local societies worldwide. We speak with one voice.

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Our Leadership & Governance


A six-person governing Board of Directors, comprising members and non-members govern GLONGO. Board members contribute to the proper governance of and guide GLONGO in establishing a strategy and policy objectives.

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GLONGO Membership


As a member, you will be joining a community of national and international development, humanitarian relief and public engagement practitioners with whom you can share ideas and mutual opportunities.

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Our Thematic & Priority Issues


Global development cooperation and humanitarian action is a diverse field of endeavour. Therefore, GLONGO incorporates priority issues and themes across the board in support of our members' mission and global mandates.

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Our Programmes & Initiatives


Our initiatives and programmes are mainly in support of what our members do in pursuit of effective development cooperation in local communities around the world. We strengthen our members' capacity to beocme effective NGOs.

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Our Trainings & Conferences


GLONGO provides latest training programmes and customised events where our members acquire knowledge and also converge with policymakers and other stakeholders on development and other pressing issues.

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European NGO Summit & Awards 2019


The European NGO Summit will take place in Paris, France, and it'll bring together policymakers and heads of European civil society organisations.

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Global NGO Summit, Expo & Awards 2019


&The largest gathering of the world's national, regional and international NGO community, taking place in Brussels, Belgium, on 29 & 30 April, 2019.

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Featured Initiatives

Global NGO Institute


Works to develop and promote highest possible professional development standards, and provide quality tailor-made capacity building and consultancy services through managerial and skills training, certification, team building and research programmes and activities for all NGO leaders and personnel, at the global, regional, national and field level. 

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International NGO Academy


The International NGO Academy is designed to expose participants to global trends and best practices in innovation, leadership development and social entrepreneurship in the non-profit sector. The course provides delegates an opportunity to interact with some of the most successful national and global leaders, from both in and around the NGO sector.

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Global Fund for Sustainable Development


The Global Fund for Sustainable Development is a grant making and capacity building initiative working to realise sustainable development in poor and marginalised communities around the world. The Fund supports innovative and impact-oriented anti-poverty initiatives of non-governmental organisations and community groups, and works in...

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International Coalition for the SDGs


 The International Coalition for the Sustainable Development Goals (the  “SDG Coalition”) is a global networking,  advocacy, solidarity and capacity building initiative uniting  practitioners and key stakeholders for realising sustainable development  in local communities around the world. Pioneered and administered by  the Global NGO Council...

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Policy Advocacy

Policy advocacy and lobbying for policy implementation is at the heart of all that we do.

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Capacity Building

We build the capacity of our members and stakeholders in development cooperation.

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Alliance Building

We network and build strategic alliances with those interested in development cooperation.

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Research and Documentation

We undertake research on development cooperation and share our findings.

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Stakeholder Engagement

In pursuit of our mission and objectives, we engage a diverse network of key stakeholders.

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Partnerships and Collaboration

We enable our members to develop effective partnerships and collaborative relationships.

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